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About R&R Technical Services

R&R Technical Services LLC is a very unique, one-of-a kind services company that was formed for the sole purpose of helping businesses understand the complicated information technology (IT) world and to maximize their IT investments.


It all started when...

R&R Technical Services, LLC was founded in 2013 as an answer to the many questions Randy Whittaker was receiving from businesses. At the time, more and more businesses were either trying to expand their services or just get a handle on IT expenses. Most business owners had no idea what technology was available and what they should be paying to utilize it. Having more than 19 years in the IT industry, he saw a need to take that knowledge and try to help business owners use technology in the most efficient way possible. 


What Makes What We Do Unique?

R&R is a very unique company. We are not a sales company. We do not want to sell you more IT equipment that you have no idea how to use or even know the reason you purchased it. We want to learn about your business and become your technology partner. Many times, businesses have already purchased IT equipment and just need to be shown how to use it more efficiently. If/when the time comes to buy new technology, R&R will help the business owner understand exactly what they need, why they need it, how it is going to benefit their business and how much it is going to cost them.

Our favorite part about what we do is being able to work directly with our customers. IT and technology can be very confusing for a lot of business owners. We love being able to help them understand how technology can can both benefit their business and not be a huge expense at the same time. Customers love the fact that no matter how many times they need help every month, they are always going to pay the same amount. This is immensely helpful in budgeting and growing a business.


for Our clients

We want to help our clients not be afraid of technology. So many business owners don't understand technology and therefore they don't properly utilize it. When our clients can look at their IT expenses and understand them and their purpose, we feel like we’ve done our job.


About Our Team

Randy Whittaker, the owner of R&R Technical Services, has many years of experience in the IT world. He works directly with each one of our clients to ensure their IT and business technology needs are met. 

Depending on the project or client, we have a few different specialists that can be brought in to assist. Everyone that works with R&R has extensive experience in the IT field, all over 15 years. You can be assured if you partner with us, you have a well seasoned team working to keep your business running smoothly.