R&R Technical Services

Computers & Networking

Slow network? Computers not doing what they're supposed to? We can help!


Computers & Networking

We can support everything from a single desktop to hundreds to virtualized servers. Let us evaluate your current investment in computers and servers, and we will work to help maximize their efficiency and, if needed, upgrade and migrate your data. Whether you have one employee or a thousand, one location or many, data on-site or in the cloud, let R&R give you a free consultation.


Infrastructure Upgrades

R&R Technical Services can help design and install complete infrastructure upgrades including cabling, racks, switches, servers, and everything in between. Many times when businesses outgrow their current network they don't know how to properly upgrade and expand. They tend to just start plugging more things in and hope that it all continues to work. The last thing an expanding business wants to deal with is a slow network and computers. We can help to ensure that all your technology is meeting your needs in the most efficient way possible. 


Need to move or add computers?

We can help you with a full offering of copper and fiber cabling services. We are currently supporting customers running Cat5, Cat6, 1Gb and 10Gb cabling.


Network Design

With computers, networks, and technology so critical to most businesses, companies need to be assured that their network is running as efficiently as possible. We can design a new network or help support an existing one to ensure you're getting the most out of your investment. Many businesses are spending too much money on their networks without understanding why they need it or how it is going to benefit them. We take a look at each customer and their specific business. Then we talk with them and try to understand where they want to take their business and how they can operate the most efficiently. Only after we know all of this can we design a cost effective solution that will help meet their current and future needs. 


Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is the proactive monitoring of a client's network and IT infrastructure. Many businesses rely on their network to support their day to day operations. By actively monitoring a client's network, issues that arise can be more quickly dealt with before they impact the business. We offer multiple solutions to monitoring a client's network around the clock. Utilizing the latest software and hardware, we can help to ensure that your network is running at all times. In the event that any piece of your infrastructure has a problem, we will be notified so that the issue can be remediated as quickly as possible. 

To learn more about our proactive management and monitoring services, click here.