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Who We Serve

R&R Technical Services specializes in helping businesses with their IT and technology needs. A majority of our clients reside Mid-Michigan, however, we do travel to assist our client's satellite offices and are willing to help businesses anywhere.



We have many years of experience working in the healthcare industry. Let us help you navigate the federal requirements for Electronic Medical Records, HIPPA compliance, mandatory security audits, and attestation. We can work with you to insure you meet all the HIPPA requirements for electronic and physical security. Quite often there are ways technology can help to streamline your office or practice workflow, creating a better work environment for everyone.


Small Businesses

We have spent years working in this segment. There are many, many ways for technology to help your business. Most business owners assume that new technology is too expensive. We can work with you see if any new technology is a good fit for your business, and then help to justify the cost and show you the value and benefits. Many businesses are already paying for old technology and not realizing that they could be utilizing much newer technology and paying the same or even saving money every month. We can look at your complete business and design a technology package that makes sense for you and helps you achieve your business goals.



As education becomes more complex, so does student and facility safety. Let us help design a security solution that includes both security cameras and physical access control, allowing you to control who enters each building and at what time. Worried about budget constraints? We can look at your current phone systems and help to consolidate them into one functional, economical system. We can also take care of all your structured cabling needs, allowing your staff to work on more important tasks.



Long gone are the days of the simple farmer. Farms of today need to run like a business. We can show you how to incorporate technology into your farm. Maybe you’d like security cameras around the office or yard, keeping an eye on all of that valuable equipment or livestock? Perhaps you’d like some control over who goes in and out of your buildings, without keeping track of multiple keys. Do you have multiple computers around the office and it’s time to actually have them function like a network? We can help with all of these and much more!



Unfortunately, in today’s world churches have increasingly been targets for security incidents. Let us help you with your security plan. We can install security cameras and provide a way for you to control physical access to your church. We can also help in the church office, using technology to ensure your office is running as economical and smoothly as possible. All of this is done with the utmost respect and discretion for the building. We will work with you to conceal as much cabling as possible, allowing the beauty of the church to show.