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Phone Systems

Do you feel like your stuck with an old, antiquated phone system? Are you paying every month for something that is not really helping your business grow? Do you have ideas and projects that your current phones are holding back? Let R&R show you the benefits of a new phone system. Here are some examples of what a new phone system can do for you.

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  • Keep your current phone numbers
  • Multiple buildings or locations can use same phone system
  • Have your extension ring to your cell phone
  • Send your voicemails to your email
  • Send faxes to your email
  • No limit to the number of phones or phone lines
  • Unlimited calling, no more long distance!
  • Enterprise grade equipment

All of this may sound to good to be true, but it is all available to you at much less than you think. In most cases, businesses will end up paying about the same as they currently are for their old phone system. They just get the all the benefits of new technology. Let R&R give you a free consultation of your old phone system and show you first hand how technology can help your business grow.